Backyard Birthday BBQ Bonanza

Posted by Avalon Bourne

Two days notice, 10+ guest list and less than perfect weather forecast. Daunting? Not in the slightest. Throwing together an impromptu family BBQ is a snap with a few carefully selected recipes, superb delegating skills, and several bottles of wine.

First a power shop grabbing any specialty ingredients, then a trip to the butcher's to take advantage of any specials. Any butcher shop worth its salt, especially in these BBQ months, will have fantastic weekly specials on all sorts of cuts and types of meat. Generally cheaper and much better quality than your local grocery store, these are the places to pick up that essential BBQ necessity.

Once back at ground zero have someone to do your grunt work. Do not back away from casual offers to help. Put them to work chopping, husking corn, filling drinks, whilst you prep the ridiculously easy marinades for Chipotle Grilled Steaks and Psuedo Tandoori Chicken. While these steep in flavour prep Garlicky Salmon to be flung on the BBQ once it's been fired up. You can also delegate the grilling or, of course, do it yourself.

And as for sides grilled in - season vegetables are always lovely with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper, as well as a loaf of delicious Cheesy Garlicky Bread that can broil in the oven or if you've the room and time, on the BBQ as well.

So fire up that grill, pour yourself a glass of wine, and round up the younger generation to set up and serve, and always have a contingency plan, lest it rain.