Get out and Grill

Posted by Lauren Dashwood

You know summer has officially arrived when you seldom turn on your oven, and even more rarely, eat indoors. Itís too tempting to spend all oneís time outside, and the sultry evening weather, cool cocktails and fresh grill recipes make every evening a party. Here are a trio of burger and summer salad recipes to dive into.

These Curried Lamb Burgers are delicious in and a little different to serve at a BBQ. Pair with cold beer or a glass of white wine, and a great little feisty salad like this Pink Grapefruit and Avocado Salad.

For the sophisticated palate, try these Bleu Stuffed Burgers. Please enjoy with a glass or two of a summery red wine. A classic Spinach Salad with pecans, red onions, and diced boiled eggs would compliment these burgers perfectly, or try this Danish Bleu Salad for just a touch of blue cheese overload.

For a break from red meat, try these Garden Chicken Burgers. These burgers are delicious and refreshing, with just a dash of spice. Serve with a jug of Strawberry Peach Sangria - switch up the strawberries and peaches for whatever fruit or berries are currently seasonal. To complete this classic summer experience, pair the burgers with the ultimate in summer sides: Potato Salad.